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Have you heard of Zeolite Powder and Zeolite Pure? The “inconvenient truth” in today's society is that we can't always control what is happening in our environment, drinking water and food supplies. People are being exposed to harmful levels of radiation exposure because nuclear malfunctions, full body scanners, the smart meters bolted to the side of your home and even the cell phone towers and WiFi devices.


We are also getting a good dose of heavy metals being deposited into our bodies (most of it against our will or knowledge) from the amalgam filings in our teeth (or even worse, getting them removed!) There are forced inoculations or vaccinations on our children (with thimersol and mercury), Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) energy saving bulbs that are full of toxic mercury, as well as most canned fish, especially tuna. If you are exposed to any of these: this message is especially for you!


Zeolite Benefits

Eliminates Radiation Poisoning (x-rays, security scanners, nuclear, cell phones & towers, WiFi devices, smart meters)

Detoxifies Heavy Metals, Including Mercury, Lead, Aluminum & Cadmium (Gets You Back Lost Energy & Vitality, and also diffuses the threat of Alzheimer's or mental collapse)

Flushes Environmental Toxins (smoke, cell phone radiation , chemicals)

Cuts-off Food Supply to pathogens and Parasites (internal mouse trap & Ejector System)

Boosts Your Immune System (Removes the Kryptonite from your Superman Cells- T & B Cells)

Helps your body balance itself (Removes Acidity and Makes Your Body Alkaline – Invaders don't like Alkaline!)


These toxins and invaders are robbing you of your health. They sap your energy, age you faster, cause infertility and cloud your mental thinking ability. Don't count on your doctor to educate you on this. This not what they get PAID to do. Zeolite pure is not a pharmaceutical drug, it is a natural substance much more effective, without the side effects.


Your family's health is in your control, don't just send them off to an “expert” who who is only going to give you what their computer program TELLS them to prescribe (yes you got it, pharmaceutical drugs).  You and Your Family's health should be in the hands of someone who really cares – You!  The top health expert at the Ford Foundation, Joseph D. Beasley, M.D. says “Self-Care is the ONLY effective way to ensure good health and a longer, fuller life.”


What is Zeolite?

What is Zeolite? Clinoptilolite is the industrial name for zeolite (zeolit) and they are an amazing mineral that is formed into zeolite crystals when a volcano erupts and spews hot lava into ocean water. The combination of hot lava and cool ocean water cause the formation of a highly charged mineral particle called a Zeolite.


This Zeolite particle is negatively charged (a very good thing) and when taken into the body (or that of an animal) it will bind to positively charged molecules (free radicals – the toxins that age us) and escort them out of the body. Zeolites are different than other antioxidants in they are more powerful, much more powerful!


Zeolite pure has been proven to absorb toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals (even uranium 238 and plutonium) from your body, as well as boosting the immune system without side effects. This mineral will balance the body's pH. Disease forming organisms can not live in a balanced pH environment. Zeolite pure is the pharmaceutical or therapeutic grade of zeolite powder made for human and pet consumption.


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Zeolite Uses

What are the best Zeolite Uses. Zeolites are so powerful they are even used in toxic dump and nuclear waste cleanup. Remember Chernobyl? They are using it now to eliminate all the radioactive toxins in the environment, with much success. It is a different more crude form that they use for these purposes. For human consumption, we have a purified form that is either liquid Zeolite or powdered Zeolite. Liquid Zeolites are fine, as they penetrate well into our tiny cellular structures to promote healing.


Powdered Zeolites are also very good, particularly if they are micronized, for greater penetration. Use which ever is easiest for you to take, the important thing is that you have either form of Zeolite handy for any emergency, particularly radiation poisoning side effects. Recent research has been going on in Europe in verifying how Natural Zeolites can trap radioactive particles and remove them from the body. You can find the article here. Zeolites are so powerful that they have strong anti-microbial effects.


Zeolites Detox

Zeolite Pure is God's and Nature's answer to many man made disasters and out of control pathogens like viruses and viral outbreaks like the corona virus that is affecting the world now. In fact zeolite is one of the best natural Treatment for Coronavirus. Their special structures are really amazing as they work like cellular magnets to catch what's not supposed to be in our bodies and remove them. 


Zeolite pure has been tested with a special combination of Powdered Zeolite Pure and Humic Acid, a formula known as Zeolite-AV. Dr Howard Peiper- Pulitzer prize winning author, fully recommends using Zeolite-AV because of its powerful natural antiviral trapping effects. Watch a short video below for more information on Zeolite:



Click the following link to discover more (or get your own supply) about the highest quality, smallest mineral size natural Zeolite Pure. It is highly effective against a multitude of pathogens, and parasites. Combine Zeolites with a Hulda Clark Type Terminator Zapper (Zapper Clark) and you'll have a lethal combo against any infection or immune system attack.


You will not get this information from your family doctor, unless he is knowledgeable about holistic medicine. Zeolite pure is one of the natural substances that the pharmaceutical (drug) companies hope you'll never find out about!


Zeolite Health Benefits

Current research from the heart institute shows that when you combine Zeolite Pure with Niacin and go on your morning jog, perform an exercise or sport where you are sweating, or even jump in a sauna, and you detox the heavy metals that are stored in your fat tissue. The niacin helps because it promotes lipolysis (fat loss) and leaves the toxins exposed for the zeolite to defuse and expunge it from your body. Make sure to drink at least a pint of water or more, and it will be flushed really quickly.


Start with one serving of zeolite pure to 100 mg niacin (not flush free or slow release, the flushing action of niacin is necessary for fat loss). Work your way up from 100 mg to 5000 mg, slowly as needed. You will flush away more fat, bad LDL cholesterol (in fact it is much superior to all Statin drugs period.)


Powdered Zeolite

Powdered Zeolite Pure  has been shown in independent studies to superior in detoxing the human body from many serious conditions. The form we recommend is the Powdered Zeolite proven effective in all of the published scientific studies. All ingredients used are listed by the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe.


Zeolite Reviews

Don't take our word for it; discover how people who needed to detox from severe conditions did it using Zeolite Pure – and quickly:

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zeolite for MSzeolite radiation

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I have been using this for about 7 weeks, and I have never felt better in my life. I am 48 and I feel better than I did at 20. Thank you so much for this product.”

Donna Mattingly

“I have been taking Zeolite for just under a month now. I’m seeing a big difference in my energy, digestion and general well being. I am a cancer survivor and strive to maintain by immune system through acupuncture, vitamins and herbs. Zeolite was just the thing to add to my regimen. Thanks.”

Robin T. Field

“This is the first time I have tried Zeolite (I have a myriad of health problems) and from the first day of taking it I feel it is working to pull heavy metals and toxins from my system. During the past two weeks since starting taking it I believe I went through a sort of healing crisis and the pain in my left pelvis which I'd been experiencing for several months intensified after taking Zeolite until finally after only two week some bleeding occurred and a 3cm hard lump was produced, what I suspect was a uterine tumor which I am planning to take to my doctor for analysis.


The pelvic pain of several months has completely subsided and I am in total shock at what has happened. I have kept an excellent diet the last several months trying to get my immune and nervous system out of danger, my doctors have been of no use at all, my craniosacral therapist has helped me hugely, but the key to the burden of toxicity my body has built up is Zeolite.


I bought Zeolite to help with my mercury detoxing after my therapist recommended it, but what I have found is a powerful natural wide ranging detox agent. My advice to anyone with chronic health problems: 1)seek a really good therapist, 2)get your diet right, mostly raw, organic, natural supplements, 3)detoxify using green supplements and ZEOLITE 4)exercise.”

Maha Aldoujaily

zeolite detox

Where to Buy Zeolite Pure

Zeolite PureSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
zeolite powder440 Grams$59.99$21.05 +/-

(Free Shipping when you order 3 containers)

.17 Cents Per Gram (w/o shipping) Does not Ship to California
Zeoboost PowderSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
zeoboost90 Grams$29.99

Get 10% Off using code: holistic

$7.00 +/-$.33 Cents Per Gram (w/o shipping) Ships to California
Zeolite ClinoptiloliteSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
Heiltropfen zeolite powder 454 Grams$51.99Free$.16 Per Gram – Ships to California


Where Can I Buy Zeolite Detox Micronized Powder? You can get the recommended pharmaceutical grade powdered Clinoptilolite Zeolite called Zeolite Pure here online at the best prices. It is the highest grade of the 3, however it is not available in the state of California. Zeolite Pure Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder is #1 for heavy metal (including vaccine detox) and radiation detox (it is 100% therapeutic grade pure micronized zeolite powder.) If you're looking for the most economical and biggest sized, to do a full body detox then use Zeolite Pure (pictured above.)


If you live in California, then you will want the Clinoptilolite Zeolite capsules as bulk sizes are not available in this size in California because of the powerful cancer industry here. I get this and get it shipped to a friend, and then forwarded to me because it is such a powerful health protector. If you want to get zeolite powder in capsules then you will want to get the Zeoboost (zeolite detox powder) lowest priced zeolite, or the Zeolite Clinoptilolite Powder Detox which is the second best one but costs more.

Best Zeolite

natural zeolites information

  • Removes Heavy Metals from the body
  • Removes radioactive materials from the body (cesium, plutonium and uranium are heavy metals)
  • Used to eliminate radiation in Chernobyl and now by the Japan Nuclear Commission
  • Disables Pathogens and Parasites
  • Improves immune system, removes toxins and revitalizes the body
  • Restores Lost Energy
  • Alkalizes the body (pathogens can't live in a balanced PH environment)

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