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IBS Natural Treatment


ibs treatment


Treatment for IBS

There is an all natural treatment for IBS symptoms, Crohn's disease, Celiacs, IBD, and chronic diarrhea. Because of its Natural Zeolite content, it is highly effective against the outbreaks that threaten our health. Viral infections like the norovirus may be a cause of IBS symptoms. Its unique properties, which were discovered and researched by a life – long sufferer. Zeolite IBS Natural Treatment removes toxins from your digestive tract and stops diarrhea and stomach pains fast without the side effects of other prescription and OTC products. Here are the Esdifan with Zeolite Benefits:


  • Bring Regularity Now (Stops chronic diarrhea in about an hour)
  • Treats the viral/bacterial cause of the inflammatory disease
  • Detoxifies the bowel, intestines, stomach and entire body
  • Flushes heavy metals from your body
  • Removes EMF residue from your cells
  • Restores lost energy and vitality
  • Makes you look and feel better (really!)


This natural supplement contains zeolites which are one of only a few minerals that are negatively charged (disease organisms and toxins are positively charged) and works similar to a magnet by attracting and removing toxins from the body. It has a natural honeycomb shape that traps the toxins and then rapidly escorts them out of the body. It tightens the intestinal walls and causes excess fluids to be discharged and restores your natural PH balance to your internal organs, specifically the gastrointestinal tract. It contains the powdered form  of natural zeolite (the one verified by science, and used by scientists to detox radiation from nuclear spills).


The natural mineral complex “Zeolite” is currently being used by the scientific community to detox and clean up after nuclear radiation accidents, like Chernobyl and Fukushima. They give it to the children and it is successfully removing the toxins and radioactivity from their bodies. It was so intriguing a discovery that it led to numerous studies on Zeolite’s positive effect on humans and the environment.


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Natural Treatment for IBS

Almost by accident, it was found to have a profound healing effect on inflammatory conditions, and particularly bowel and gastrointestinal conditions. Now, people all over the world are using the powerful healing effects of specific colon cleansing herbs like those in Consti-Cleanse (pictured above) and Esdifan with natural zeolite powder to not just treat, but actually heal their sometimes embarrassing chronic inflammatory bowel conditions. It is the best natural treatment for ibs symptoms on the planet. Here's what some people who began using Esdifan as a last resort are saying now:


I have been using your product Esdifan for about 3 months now, as a Crohns sufferer I find this product to be better than any drugs I have been prescribed by my GP.I live in United Kingdom and have been ordering the product from an American distributor.Can you tell me if there is a distributor in the UK at present and if so contact details?,

Thank you,


I want to tell you that I've been taking Esdifan for roughly 3 weeks. My IBS-D has changed dramatically. I'm also taking a soluable fiber supplement ( all natural) and the two combined have given me back control of my bowels, with less frequent, sudden urges and firmer stools. I'm sold. I will not allow myself to be without Esdifan from now on. Taking loperamide when I was having bad days led me to itching. I do not know what the repeated loperamide use did to my system, but left me feeling like I had a vaginal yeat infection…. all the time.

But I was desparate to control the loose, sudden, frequent bowel movements so I could LEAVE my house, have a life.So I could shop in stores that don't offer public restrooms,so I could do social activities and not be embarassed by multiple trips to a bathroom, and worrying I wouldn't get there in time. With the Esdifan there are no side effects, no itching ! So curing one problem doesn't lead to another.
THANK you for a GREAT product. As the other testimonials say: You have SAVED my life !!

Marilyn F.


I would just like to comment on what an amazing product Esdifan is. I had a major operation some 5 years ago and had a third of my stomach removed caused by an intestinal stromal tumor. Ever since I have had no end of trouble with diarrhea and had seen many medical doctors and stomach specialists to try and get to the core of this issue, to no avail. It was thought to be a bug caused from the surgery and related to the antibiotic. To cut a long story short, as I had exhausted all medical areas, I felt I had to look at any alternative medicines, and upon spending a day on the internet, I found your website. I have now used this product on several occasions and I even take the bottle with me when I travel on business to countries such as China, Korea, Thailand etc…

On every occasion, Esdifan has been a life saver. Your product works fast and truly has changed my life. I personally have told many people about this and will continue to tell many more.

I am just about to order another bottle and though I must take to the time to actually let you know how I feel about your product.

Thanks so much

M Lightfoot
New Zealand


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Now It's your turn to get the relief you've been desperately seeking. Embarrassing diarrhea and the need to be “tied to a bathroom nearby” days can finally be over. Click on the Esdifan bottle below for more info or Add to Cart Now Button and nip diarrhea, IBS/IBD, Crohn's and Celiacs Symptoms in the bud.


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Esdifan Benefits

  • Stops Diarrhea (usually within an hour)
  • Removes Toxins that Cause Celiacs, Crohns, IBS and IBD
  • Detoxes radioactive materials from the body (cesium, plutonium and uranium are heavy metals)
  • Used to break down radiation in Chernobyl and now by the Japan Nuclear Commission
  • Improves immune system and revitalizes the body
  • Restores lost energy
  • Alkalizes the body (Removes Acidity and Inflammation)

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