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Zeolite Detox

What is Zeolite Detox? Zeolite powder is a natural mineral created when hot lava reacts with the minerals in cool sea water below. It creates natural zeolites (clinoptilolite) that can be used to powerfully detox the body of radiation, heavy metals, viruses and even cancer! Zeolite Detox Reviews show how it works and why you should never be without it in our increasingly toxic world.


Zeolites are aluminosilicates that uses bound aluminum and silicon to create its negatively charged structure. It does not have any free aluminum so it gives off no aluminum, it is necessary for the structure to work, see: Zeolite and Aluminum. It is also has sodium, potassium, magnesium and oxygen inside its structure that makes it highly alkaline and healing to the human (and animal) body. If you're like most people in today's world, then you are being affected by hidden DNA and health damaging toxins on a regular basis.


These are the Main Cause of the constant and chronic that people of all ages are facing now. Have you felt any of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling Lethargic (Low or No Energy)
  • Mental Fog (Feeling Like There is Too Much Information to Manage)
  • ADHD or ADD
  • Can't Remember what You had for lunch yesterday
  • Feeling Sick or Not at Your Best Frequently
  • Constant Stomach Upset
  • Weight around your Belly That You Just Can't Lose

These are the most common symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Heavy Metals include Nuclear Radiation Particles like Iodine 131 and Cesium 137 to name a few. Also, Aluminum (Alzheimer's), Lead, Mercury (Get Those Metal Fillings Removed), and even Fluoride that is in your drinking water can severely damage your health, genes, fertility and brain tissue.


These also make it easy for viruses (particularly from HIV, HPV, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Rotavirus, Norovirus, Hantavirus, Smallpox, Monkeypox, Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps and other outbreaks) and tumors to make a home in your brain and body because of the acidity they need to survive. Having viruses in your body causes tumors to form (they are trying to trap off the virus) but they can become malignant (damaging) themselves in the process.

zeolite benefits

Zeolite Benefits

Zeolite Benefits and Uses. Fortunately, nature has the best answer for the cause of these daily invaders. Zeolite causes your body to discharge the trapped toxins and pathogens from your body and allows your body to overcome and restore your health, vitality, mental outlook and energy. Result = You Heal, Look Better, Feel Better and Are On Top of Your Game Again! Finally, You Are Yourself Again! How do zeolites work?


Here is how Natural Zeolite Works to Deactivate a Virus….


Click on Zeolite Detox product images below to discover more or get yours today. Zeolite Pure is the #1 Natural Health Protection Remedy on the Planet!


Zeolite PureSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
zeolite powder440 Grams$59.99$21.05 +/-

(Free Shipping when you order 3 containers)

.17 Cents Per Gram (w/o shipping) Does not Ship to California
Zeoboost PowderSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
zeoboost90 Grams$29.99

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$7.00 +/-$.33 Cents Per Gram (w/o shipping) Ships to California
Zeolite ClinoptiloliteSizePriceShipping CostPrice Per Gram
Heiltropfen zeolite powder 454 Grams$51.99Free$.16 Per Gram – Ships to California

Zeolite Reviews

Select the natural zeolite detox formula that meets your need. You can see the individual Zeolite Reviews for each of the zeolites products below. Zeolite Detox is made with the highest potency powdered zeolite pure (pharmaceutical grade). It is super finely ground to deeply penetrate within your body and remove the pathogens at the deepest level. It excels in in emergency situations or when you need to rapidly detox from a serious health threat safely.


When you're traveling or on the go, you can now get the same powdered natural zeolite in a liquid zeolite form called Zetox, which is great for travel or to drop in to water or soups when you’re not sure of the quality or purity. This makes it a lot safer.


Zeolite Pure is #1 Natural Zeolite Powder formula. It is the highest quality and most economical in price per serving (Free Shipping if you buy 3 containers.)


Zeolite-AV is engineered specifically to fight off viruses and cut off the food supply to many cancers. It has a powerful nutrient added called humic acid along with the natural zeolite.


Royal Detox is great when you need to quickly detoxify your whole body (it has humic acid to activate the cleansing effect) along with natural zeolite.


Esdifan is formulated to relieve chronic diarrhea symptoms, crohns disease, Celiac's, IBS, IBS, and other intestinal conditions. Is also includes natural zeolite in capsule form that makes it easy to swallow.


Destroxin is a zeolite powder based formula that also comes in capsule form for mild detoxification. Whichever blend you use you can rest securely knowing that they are all made from the same natural zeolite powder of the highest quality and potency.

fluoride filter

Zeolite Filter

I recommend a zeolite filter like the pure effect water filters because it gets rid of all the toxins, including fluoride and radiation. And it even has zeolite crystals in the unit! This is highly important as most city water districts actually PLACE toxic Fluoride in your drinking water! It is very harmful to human, and animal health. It destroys the healthy gut bacteria giving us all intestinal problems.


I make sure to use Fluoride free toothpaste also, ever hear of dental fluorosis? It eats away at your teeth and weakens your bones. It lowers your IQ and makes you lethargic and clouds your thinking. It is what’s in Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac! Yes Fluoride, that stuff. Get it out of your body quickly! Click on the Pure Effect filter and never allow that crap into your body again!

zeolite filter

Zeolite Shower Filter

You can even get a zeolite shower filter, that removes so much more than anything else! Don't breathe in toxic chloramines and chemical vapor in your shower or bathtub. A zeolite filter gets it out before it gets under your skin. Your skin will be so much softer and radiant, without the itching and dryness after a normal shower or bath.


You might want to get a water filter that filters out radiation, heavy metals and fluoride, chemicals and pharmaceuticals that are in your tap water. Zeolite water filters do just that. The same water you bathe in, cook with and sometimes drink can be filtered to remove the toxic heavy metals and pathogens living in the water that gets absorbed into your brain and body.

Zeolite Detox

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