Best Supplement for Celiac, IBS, IBD and other Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

ESDIFAN is an all natural treatment for the symptoms of Celiacs, IBD and diarrhea. Its unique properties, which were discovered and researched by a life – long sufferer. It removes toxins from your digestive tract and stops diarrhea and stomach pains fast without the side effects of other prescription and OTC products. Esdifan contains zeolites which are one of only a few minerals that are negatively charged (disease organisms and toxins are positively charged) and works similar to a magnet by attracting and removing toxins from the body. It has a natural honeycomb shape that traps the toxins and then rapidly escorts them out of the body.


Zeolite is currently being used by the scientific community to detox and clean up after nuclear radiation accidents, like Chernobyl and Fukushima. They give it to the children and it is successfully removing the toxins and radioactivity from their bodies. It was so intriguing a discovery that it led to numerous studies on Zeolite’s positive effect on humans and the environment.


Click on the Esdifan bottle below and nip diarrhea and Celiacs Symptoms in the bud.


Esdifan ibd treatmentEsdifan Benefits

  • Stops Diarrhea from Ceilacs Syndrome (usually within an hour)
  • Removes Toxins from the body
  • Removes radioactive materials from the body (cesium, plutonium and uranium are heavy metals)
  • Used to eliminate radiation in Chernobyl and now by the Japan Nuclear Commission
  • Disables Viruses (HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and many others)
  • Improves immune system and revitalizes the body
  • Effective against many cancers too
  • Alkalizes the body (pathogens can’t live in a balanced PH environment)

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