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About Me

James Cruise is a holistic health researcher that is passionate about fitness, nutrition, spirituality, metaphysics and natural healing and how they all work together as a unified whole (holistic medicine). He is not a medical doctor, and as such does not give medical advice of any kind. He simply provides information based upon his many years of research and real world experiences. James intends to educate and inform to allow people to make educated and wise choices concerning their own health, as he believes people know more about their own bodies and lives than anyone else.


His interest in health from an early age led him into medical school, where he discovered his calling in holistic medicine where the focus is upon the whole person (mind, body & spirit) rather than the symptoms of disease. He discovered that people actually could heal, achieve optimum peak fitness levels and live a much greater quality of life by discovering their own power and use “creative dreaming” to bring their desired experiences into manifested reality.